Basette, the little black wonder cat

The Little Black Wonder Cat(tm) is home at last, after a few days with the vet.

For the past six or more years, Basette has been a proud client of Oak Ridge Veterinary Clinic. During her stays, she enjoys fine Southern hospitality and gourmet prescription diabetic food. She has her own little kitty condo, complete with deluxe bed (courtesy of Mom), clean towels to cover the bed, more litter box changes then a window washer with only one window to clean, and lots of love and attention. You know you are at a good clinic when it takes longer to pick up the kitty then to drop her off because everyone has to say their good-byes.

I called this afternoon to check on the “Basetters” (her knick-name at the clinic). Basette’s glucose levels didn’t respond as well today as they had yesterday. However, they still went down while she was on the glucose. It’s still positive news, it’s just not quite as dramatic as it had been yesterday.

Basette has an unusually calm disposition for a cat, so she does get some special treatment. (Me? Spoil my kitties? Oh never!) She rides in the front seat on her kitty condo bed, is carried inside with the bed, and placed into her ‘condo’ without having moved from the bed. Much of the time, when we’re in transit, Basette insists upon sitting in my lap and purring. Unlike some cats who whine or scratch for attention, Basette inches her way onto my lap and then simply places her head against my hand. And leaves it there until she is petted to her satisfaction.

She does seem to be feeling better. She tried to climb onto the dash at one point to watch the cars pass. I had to retrieve her onto my lap several times. She didn’t want to sit still on the pillow or on my lap. It was exploring time and I was cramping her style! Very different behavior from her first few weeks visiting the clinic when she just sat, quietly, on her bed in the front seat.

Her sense of exploration is something small, but it’s another step forward. Another bit of hope.

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