June 25, 2004

Basette’s ashes

It seemed appropriate to post this picture today since Basette’s ashes have arrived at the vet’s. It was the last picture I took of her, minute before she was put to sleep. It’s painful to see how different she looks. So lost. She wasn’t there any more; her mind had fled the misery her body was in. (Yes, the picture is that small for a reason. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.)

Basette’s ashes are in a small wooden box. The box is so tiny; seems so slight, like her. I lost it when the vet handed me a blue plastic moulding with impressions of Basette’s front paws. She was so dainty. I always told people that her paws were the size of my thumbs, and sure enough, my thumbs fit perfectly into the paw prints.

I’ll include a photo of it later, when I can type without crying.

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