The vet visit with Ambush went very well. Laura was right: the vets at the clinic in Hillsborough are excellent.

Overall, Ambush seems to be doing pretty well. He’s lost more weight (12 pounds instead of 13.8), so that needs to be monitored. We checked his urine to make sure he wasn’t in kitosis (nope, good thing). And overall he seems to be healty kitty.

He is going to start the new insulin, Vetsulin, at 1 unit twice per day using U-40 dosing syringes. He was on 5 units twice per day on the PZI using U-100 dosing syringes. (U-100 syringe units are small quantities than the U-40.) I’m not sure what the equivalent doses would be or even how to calculate them.

Laura met us at the clinic so she finally got to meet Ambush. Having Laura as a friend has made my move so much easier. She has been a wealth of information and such a good friend with everything. I feel lucky to have a cat-fanatic friend who completely understands why issues with the cats can be so stressful.

Work’s a breeze. Dealing with kitty behavioral issues keeps me up.

Ambush is schedule to go back to the vet in two weeks.

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