I called the NC vet back last night to find out how severe Ambush’ murmur is. On a scale of 1-6, with six being the worst, she rates Ambush’s a five. Que scepticism. If it was a quiet murmur, I could understand maybe my vet in TN missing the murmur. But how do you miss something that is supposedly as loud as his would have to be to qualify as a 5/6?

I have never really questioned my vet’s advice in any situation. Asked lots of questions and tried to follow suggestions as best as I could. Maybe it was just going in to the vet’s office here and being asked for my social security number because this particular office has had so many people go off and not pay for their animal’s medical bills. It’s very possible that rankled me just enough to sour any experience there.

I feel like the vet in NC has treated me like a mechanic trying to suggest additional repairs for my car that are not needed. I realize that this is unfounded, but damn. It’s not like Ambush wasn’t at the vet’s office every 2-3 months for glucose level tests.

Next time I go to Tennessee, I’m bringing my poor kitty with me. He’s going to visit my regular vet and we’ll see what happens.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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