I got home from the Horsemasters meeting about 10:30 last night and fed the kitties. Ambush didn’t eat much when I gave him his shot. About 20 minutes later, he threw up twice. He drank a lot of water and then refused food. I rubbed honey on his gums and stayed up to keep an eye on him. He wandered into the closet and fell asleep.

He seemed okay, until I was getting ready to go to bed. I called to him and he stood up to walk towards me — and was wobbly in his rear end and uncoordinated. He again refused his wet food so I opened a can of tuna and gave him a little. He ate it quickly and completely.

This morning he decided he didn’t want to eat his regular wet food. I opened another can of seafood cat food (Stella’s stuff) and he’s eating it like it’s going out of town. I’m being careful to not give him so much that he’ll inhale it and then throw it back up.

It’s never been hard to get Ambush to eat. If he has the same kidney issues that Stella does, then it can impact their sense of taste.

Looks like Ambush could be going back to the vet tonight…

Update 1: I spoke the vet today about Ambush. We are going to have me keep a very close eye on him. I will also be gettingmore of the wet food he ate last night. The vet wants me to try and get him back on his usual food and reduce his insulin to 1 unit over the weekend. She said there wasn’t much they could do for Ambush that I couldn’t do from home at this point (unless he gets worse).

Update 2: Ambush seemed okay when I got home tonight. I’ve fed him some wet food and he ate most of it (all of the stuff that wasn’t his regular wet food). Hopefully he’ll continue to improve.

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