Poor kitty spent the weekend at the vet’s. He perked up a little when I came to pick him up. He had been huddling in the back of his “apartment” at the vet’s. He had a towel to sleep on and plenty of space. He was shaking. The vet helped me give him the evening insulin injection (2 units). He did very well.

When we pulled into the driveway, he was keen to get out of his carrier and roam around. He immediately went upstaurs and laid down in his comfort zone spot. He pretty much stayed there all evening. When I went to bed, I had to pick him up and place him on the bed (he normally sleeps next to me). He gradually started purring and seemed content. He was still next to me in the morning.

I gave him his first injection this morning. He did not want to come downstars, even when I opened the wet food can and tapped on it. Stella came down, but not Ambush. I had to go upstairs, show him the yummy wet food, and carry him down. He ate pretty well — and was a perfect gentleman when I gave him the shot.

I’m a little concerned that he didn’t come down. I’ll check on him again tonight instead of going out to the barn after work.

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