Ambush’s diabetes has gone into ketosis (very bad stuff for a diabetic). His glucose level was over 700 (off of the scale). It impacted how his kidneys function. Even if aggressive treatment was started, there was no telling if he would survive and what quality of life he might have. Best case scenario would have put him with a lot of trips to the vet to be constantly monitoring his blood glucose levels. I just couldn’t put him through it.

So here is to Ambush, the White Wonder Cat. My constant companion for 16 years. He will be fondly remembered and sorely missed. I sorted through my photos and found a few of him.

This is one of the last pictures of Ambush I took of Ambush on Saturday. He sat on my lap when I said good bye and purred. Soft, gentle purr, not his full-throated hear-him-from-the-next-room rumble like he did at home. He was ready to go.

Ambush, last day. Purring.

This was Bush a few years ago, in his favorite place to hide: the hamper. He was exactly as bit as the opening for it so he could watch everyone else. Notice the closet door is open. Ambush was notorious for opening any door that was closed, particularly bifold closet doors. He knew how to scratch in the middle of the door and then push his nose in to the opening at the edge of the door. He opened cabinets, doors with door knobs. Anything that was hidden he wanted to explore.


Ambush had a plastic fetish. I came home one evening and found him surrounded by the plastic bags he had pulled out. (Click the thumbnail for a larger image.)

Ambush was part dog, really. He would sleep on his back and periodically played fetch. His favourite thing was to chase rubber bands or hair doobies. He was self entertaining: he would hold one end of the rubber band in one paw, grasp the other end in his mouth, shoot it, and chase it. Hours of fun for the whole family.

I will write more about his escapades later, when I’ve stopped crying.

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