Stella had blood in her urine this morning. She was straining every few minutes and was not comfortable. Poor kitty. I had no idea what was wrong. I’ve never seen a cat with a UTI with so much blood in her urine.

Stella stayed at the vet’s today. I got a call this afternoont: the vet thinks Stella has a UTI. A bad one, but that’s better than what I was worried she might have. Stella’s kidney functions are going to be tested, too.

Stella is supposed to be on high blood pressure medicine, but honestly I haven’t been able to get much into her. She has been surprising good with subcutaneous fluids, but shoving a pill or two down her throat is something else entirely. Need to try other tactics besides crushing the pills and putting them in food.

The vet is talking about Stella getting 1-3 pills per day. This won’t be pretty.

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