Stella lost weight

Stella is now the smallest she has ever been: 3 pounds, 13.5 ounces. This Friday we’re going to recheck her phosphorous levels and make sure her meds are at the right dose. Poor little kitten. She is in good spirits and she has been playful. She seems okay, she just Read more…

Other critter updates

It’s been a little while since I posted about Stella and Kiesha. Stella has been on meds to control high phosphourous levels in her blood. It’s made a huge difference: Stella is eating! After months and years of trying to get her to eat while her wait continuously dropped, she’s Read more…

The adventure continues!

This coming weekend, Kasane will have her second show. Nope, not dressage or hunter or equitation. We’re going to do games: barrel racing, pole bending, and whatever else Horsemasters thinks up. The pictures from this should be like an outtake reel. I set up obstacles at the barn. Kasane is Read more…

Kasane riding Intro Test A

The first weekend in October, Kasane had her first show. She did very well, considering a lot of things. It was her fourth time ever being ridden in a bit, there were Crazy! Things! at the dressage ring (plastic rails, retaining wall, geese, pond!), and she still was willing to try to complete the test with me.

She was willing to try the test and ride to the end of the ring with the scaries. I did learn that she has cow pony moves: And duck and dodge!