Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

Compared my #N900 to the iPhone 4G some of the fanbois here have. I like my N900 better. 🙂 # #FF @amethystdragon @spicycauldron @dancinghorse @vsmirk @djuggler # oOoO Sequel to The Dark Crystal! # One of the guys just got his iPhone and returned to work — after 8 Read more…

Finger update

The cut on my finger has completely healed over on the large entrance wound and the smaller exit wound. My finger is still a little swollen and I don’t quite have full range of motion back. However, the finger flexes enough to hold reins, so that’s all I care about. Read more…

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

Finger update

The stitches came out last week on Friday. So far, everything looks good: healing clean without tendon damage. However, there is some nerve damage. The top and inside of my finger feels like it has a perpetual case of Novacaine-like numbness. As the swelling goes down, I’ve regained a little Read more…

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

Kitchen: 1. Kim: 0.

“I fought the knife, and the knife won…”

Or Stupid Human Tricks — cooking with Kim! Srsly. Don’t separate salmon patties with a steak knife. Use the butter knife that’s been run under hot water. Don’t get lazy just because the steak knife is there all innocent looking. It’s really out for blood. That particular knife never forgot when you used it to shred tape off of boxes.

Friday night last week I was getting ready to head up to Mom’s in the morning: packing clothes, confirming pet sitter, etc. About 10:00 I realized I was hungry and boy a salmon patty would be great. (See scenario described above.)

The cut was about .5 inch long, narrow, and clean (pictures are available if you are really curious — I document everything). The knife went through my left index finger at the base towards the inside of my finger and exited through a very small cut in between my fingers. Major ouch. Mom convinced me to head to the emergency room with the gentle voice tone of “You Are Going.” Something about uncooked fish, salmonella, and tetnus.