No riding for a while

The vet exam showed that Isis’ left side is weaker than her right. To correct this, I am supposed to work Isis at least every other day, weather permitting. When she first trots, her back legs track wider then normal and eventually straighten out. It’s like watching someone with back Read more…

Sad news

My stepfather woke me up this morning and said that my Mom’s favourite mare, Farah, had died during the night. Farah was a sweetheart of a mare: multichampion Arabian in halter and performance, dam of five or so babies, and an unchallenged lead mare. She was one of those grand Read more…

Catching up: Isis’ insulin resistance flares up

I quit doing regular updates here when things in real life exploded. Isis’ insulin resistance flared up, my job stress went through the roof, and my back (then knee and hip) all had problems.

During the middle of March, Isis’ crest became more pronounced and she looked like she wasn’t feeling good. It took a few days to really register it, but the subtle symptoms of insulin resistance were back.

My first priorty was to get Isis’ IR under control by investigating her feeding program and upping her exercise. I started by reviewing the factors that had recently changed:

  • Warmer weather so she was using fewer calories
  • Isis was moved to a new barn in mid-February with different hay, but was still on Nutrena Safe Choice, a low-starch pelleted grain.
  • Her exercise program was inconsistent.
  • She was off grass and keped in a dry lot (a good thing).


Catching up…

It has been a while since my last post. What, two months? It’s been hell here between work pressure, horse issues, and then my own back/leg problem. I am going to write posts and back date them to the time when they actually happened. I’ve often used the blog archives Read more…