Stella plays GW again!

Stella has taken to watching me play Guild Wars (GW) almost every time I log on to the game. When she is ready to play, she sits about two inches from the monitor and watches the screen intently. She decided to help me play on Saturday when I was talking Read more…

Day at the barn

There was an informal natural horsemanship session at my barn today. One of the ladies started a three year old filly under saddle. The filly is a buckskin, Quarter Horse/Arabian cross. She is a rescue case and has not been handled much. She knew how to lead and not much else.

It was amazing watching how the filly responded and learned what was being asked. She is a smart little girl. She picked up what she was being asked to do quickly. She learned left, right, whoa, and was exposed to the saddle in about two hours.

It was amazing. She had her first exposure to the saddle and blanket and was fine with it being flapped all over her. She was perfectly content to have the saddle placed on her back and cinched. She could have cared less when the rider sat on her back.

Really amazing to watch. What an excellent filly and an exceptional, non-stressful experience for her first time under saddle.


Stella: Gamer kitty!

Today started with a vet visit with Stella for her fluids. She has been so good about it. Surprising, considering that she has limited patience. If something takes longer than five minutes, she will start protesting vigorously. The fluids have made a huge difference for her: the evening after she Read more…

Prize… Again

Monday afternoon my Mom forwarded an email to me. A woman had emailed her asking if Mom had a daughter who had won a horse in a raffle… Prize is still alive! She’s 23 and living in Chapel Hill, 10 miles from where I live. I’m going to call the Read more…

One More Nite, aka Prize

When I was 16, I had a dream come true. On Mothers Day that year, we were at the regional show at Frying Pan Park, Vrginia. The horse show was part of the Eastern Amateur Arabian Horse Show Circuit. We arrived with a four-horse stock trailer with three horses, including the gray mare I was showing, Silver Run Sahsha.

The show had a big event: a purebred Arabian filly was being raffled during lunch. To support the club, Mom and Ed bought two tickets at $1 each. She was a cute filly, small, but very personable. During lunch, she kicked the handler as she was brought into the ring. She was was not malicious: she simply didn’t know what was going on.

When the name was drawn and the winner was announced, I couldn’t believe it. Mom was the winner! I was thrilled! My stepfather was not.

It’s hard to describe what it is like to win a horse, especially when you’ve always wanted to train a horse and be able to show. Do all of the training yourself and come home with a ribbon or two (it doesn’t matter what place the ribbon is either).


Mean Kitty Song!

If you havne’t seen this YouTube video, it’s hysterical. Watch the antics of a mean kitty while his human sings about how mean the kitty Sparta is (not really mean, just wants attention). Very cute. Stella play-bites when she is very excited. She has never broken skin but she will Read more…