Learn Latin Online

I found a link to an online Latin immersion course, Latinum. The course provides sample tracks along with some text for studying. Sounds interesting. I started studying Latin last fall, but ended up setting it aside due to lack of time and server issues with the course. I learned a Read more…

Doctor Who: End of Time, part 1

I watched End of Time (part 1) with my parents on Saturday night after returning from watching Avatar in 3D. (If you haven’t seen that movie, it’s excellent.) We watched most of Waters of Mars before End of Time. Last time my parents saw any Doctor Who was when I lived at home and was watching Peter Davidson and Tom Baker in classic Who in reruns. I’ve been so involved in watching the series that it’s easy to forget how much back-story is left out if someone is just coming to the show.

Spoilers after the jump.

Maps of War

A Twitter post today mentioned the Maps of War, a site that has history maps with time lines showing the progression of different events overlaid on a map. Two of the maps caught my eye: Imperial History of the Middle East and the History of Religion. I’ve embedded both of them here.

While not much of the site deals with ancient history, the maps do provide an interesting point of view.

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Kitty update

I have been very lucky for the past few months. While Isis has been having trouble this year, the kitties have been healthy this fall and winter. Stella has been doing very well, even though I have not been good about getting to the vet for her fluids. Ambush still Read more…

DSLR and lenses

I have a Pentax Digital Single Reflex Lens (DSLR) K100D Super camera body and a set of lenses. Remember that old film camera you used that had exchangeable lenses? This is the same idea, same weight, same satisfying “click” sound as the shutter releases. Instead of using film, the camera Read more…