Blanket Woes

I ordered a new blanket from Dover Saddlery for Isis in case the weather in NC turns nasty (think winter ice storms). I wanted something that was water proof and could adjust to different temperatures. After reading through a bunch of pages from the regular catalog and from the clearance Read more…

Isis and Sierra

I got out of work later than I wanted and went to the barn. First time I was able to ride this week. (First week after daylight savings time.) Something about working hard to leave at 4:30 and then getting out and realizing it’s actually 6:00 pm… and I only had 30 minutes to tack up and ride before it was dark.

The ride started off pretty well. Until Isis’ barn buddy came out to be grazed. Isis could see Sierra and wanted to go be with the buddy instead of paying attention. Every time we came around the word area, Isis would speed up towards her buddy and would strain her neck to look at Sierra.

This was a (not fun) opportunity to see if the things we’d been working on in lessons would work. I focused on getting Isis to pay attention by riding in circles and pressing my inner leg to ask her to bend around my leg. Gradually she paid more attention. Susan, Sierra’s mommy, suggested doing transitions to help Isis focus on me a little more. Probably is, when Isis is like that it is difficult to slow her down. You let her go faster and she’ll keep getting faster.