Gas prices

Everyone has been hearing about hurricane Ike heading towards Texas and that all of the oil refineries will have to be shut down for a little while. Gas on the way to wokr this morning was 3.59. When I got off work, the gas stations said $4.09. My friend in Read more…

MacJournal Anew

A while back, I documented the trouble I had using MacJournal with WordPress. I have never gotten the silly program to work with WordPress. Ashame, really, because MacJournal is a nice looking application. This week I purchased a copy of the Back to School bundle from Mac Update. MacJournal, and Read more…

Desktop Solution

The guy I purchased the Acer Aspire One from Craigslist also had an OS X desktop system available. He originally quoted me a very good price. However, from the time I bought the Aspire One to when I emailed a few days later about the desktop system, the price had gone up by $150. The system specs were okay, but the sudden price increase put me off.

I decided not to get the pre-built system. I figured I could get a much better system for about the same price — assuming I’m willing to install the operating system and can actually get it running.

After work on Monday, a fellow conspirator and I went to Tiger Direct to pick up a hard drive for him. I wanted to look for a bag for the Acer Aspire — all of my bags are way too big. Any way, I ended up coming home with enough stuff to build a system with much better specs. I ended up paying about $600 for $700 worth of stuff (manager took $100 off of the Shuttle bare bones system display model so it was $250 instead of $349).


Computer Systems and Updates

The one thing I decided to do with the money from the house was to update my computer systems. My portable is three years old (bless its heart) and the desktop, a Mac Mini, is half that age.

The Mini been a workhorse and very stable. The little box has been maxed out with 2 gig of RAM. The machine struggles with the software I’m running. My current freelance projects use InDesign and Photoshop or require Windows XP software running in Parallels (virtual machine). Photoshop and InDesign can run, albeit very slowly.

Parallels is a whole other ball of wax. Parallels uses allocated system resources when Windows XP is started in a virtual machine. In my case, Parallels takes slightly less than half of the available system memory and only 16 MB of the video RAM (64 MB shared memory, Intel 950 integrated graphics). Mac OS X.4 does not run very well with ~1 gig of RAM; XP doesn’t run very well either.


I rode!

I rode today! =) Isis and I rode with another person at the barn in the front pasture. It was Isis’ first time there undersaddle. We were both a little nervous. Overall she was good (and would have been better if I had calmed down a little). It was nice Read more…