Stella eating more

Finally. Stella had her fluids on Friday and then didn’t eat much… but today she started eating again. (Yay!) A friend of mine at Phydeaux pet store suggested a trial size of Call of the Wild no-grain cat food. Stella’s pickiness has rubbed off on Ambush. For the first time Read more…

Catching up

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. I’ll write some posts to catch up. Here’s the brief list: New horse: Kasane is the primary reason why I have not been posting much on here. I’ll write a long post about here with pictures. Stella: She has been fighting Read more…

Stella doing better

Stella finally seems to be doing better. After two courses of trying to give her Clavamox antibiotic twice per day (and her successfully avoiding it 25% of the time), the vet gave her an injectible antibiotic that lasts for two weeks. The dose is determined by the cat’s weight, so it has the potential to be expensive. At five pounds, Stella’s dose was cheaper than one run of Clavamox.

Every few weeks, Stella quits eating whatever food is offered to her. I’ve been through a lot of dry and wet cat foods trying to find something she likes and is okay for a cat with kidney problems.

She is currently eating two dry foods made by Fromm: Salmon a la Veg and Grain-free Surf and Turf. The Surf and Turf has a higher protein level (which isn’t great for Stella) however, because the dry food does not have grains, Ambush can also eat it. (Unfortunately Ambush prefers the Surf and Turf to his Indigo Moon grain-free dry food.)


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