Shakespearean Insulter

For fine quotes that only the master of theatre could write: “There’s no room for faith, truth, nor honesty in this bosom of thine. It is all filled up with guts and midriff.” (Taken from: Henry IV, part I)


I have never purchased a house on my own before. This has been an adventure that has consumed the majority of my time for the past two months. I’ve been trying to get my work done, freelancing projects finished, and everything else that goes along with it… and now the Read more…

Neat person

I went to a network meeting this past Tuesday and met a really neat lady. She is in town for some training at the local national park. After a few months, she will return to Alaska. We have a lot in common–interests in history, MUDding, and meeting people online. She Read more…

Riding again!

Isis is back in training and so is Rajiyyah. After a hiatus of several months for both of them, their various feet and or muscle problems have cleared up. Rajiyyah is in training at Forest Hills Farm. I’m working with Isis. It feels good to be back riding. It’s been Read more…

Dual Boot OS X and Windows

Apple released a program called “Boot Camp” today in beta. The program allows Intel-based Macs to have a dual boot OS X and Win XP system. (see My next computer is going to be a Mac =)