Movement and subtle shifts when riding ?>

Movement and subtle shifts when riding

I had a great riding lesson with my instructor on Friday. First the good news. Kasane and I have improved in maintaining trot tempo and in our ability to rate (slow down or maintain) speed. She’s listening really well and we are working well together. She isn’t pulling on me anymore. We were asked to ride a curve along the long side of the ride. It’s a movement from one of the dressage tests (Training Level test 3, I think)….

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Kindle Keyboard ?>

Kindle Keyboard

I originally purchased a Bear Kindle keyboard case for my Kindle Fire 8.9″ tablet. They keyboard was rather like typing on a chicklet keyboard and was unresponsive. I am a touch typist and very picky about the touch on the keyboards that I use. I never used the keyboard case because it felt too bulky and was frustrating to type on. I hit more incorrect keys than correct ones. After reading some reviews, I opted. to try the Belkin keyboard…

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Enabling Edimax AC1200 adapter on El Capitan ?>

Enabling Edimax AC1200 adapter on El Capitan

I replaced my reliable Linksys 54G router with a new ASUS model available from T-Mobile, a “Personal Cellspot” router available to customers. It’s a rebranded ASUS AC1900 wifi router, which, for $25 deposit, is a no-brainer. I live in a row of townhouses with a lot of wifi networks. Every house seems to have one or more networks. Lots of conflicts. The wifi apps that can help recommend a channel to use to have better reception didn’t find any available…

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Knowing when to say goodbye ?>

Knowing when to say goodbye

My old mare, Prize, has had declining health since summer. A mare who used to be an easy keeper has stopped being able to keep weight on. She’s been on a complete senior feed for several years, plus chopped hay, joint and anti-inflammation supplements. Her teeth have wave mouth, so their uneven surfaces prevent her from being able to effectively chew grass and hay. ┬áIt’s not for lack of trying. Where ever she has been eating, there is a trail…

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No more sounds in the ceiling ?>

No more sounds in the ceiling

The kitties have been downstairs now for two weeks. They are absolutely loving the extra space. They follow me around the house, sit next to me on the couch, and now have even more places to hide their toys. They do get on the table, but not on the kitchen counter. I can live with that so far. For now, happy kitties! And no more sounds in the ceiling. I don’t know if the mice have realized that the kitties…

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Stiffness when riding ?>

Stiffness when riding

Kasane has always been a very limber girl. She can reach for a treat all the way back to her hip almost at her croup. All I have to do is show her the trip, tap her hip, and she reaches around for the treat. She’s done that since she was two. It’s a way to get her to stretch her neck and reward her after a ride. For the past three weeks, she’s reached around like a champ on…

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Sounds in the ceiling ?>

Sounds in the ceiling

Last night while I was doing the dishes, I heard skittering of something in the kitchen ceiling. The kitties were upstairs staring at the wall and walking around meowing. They were following the sound of something in the walls. Not sure what it is. Mice seem to be a good guess since my neighbor recently had issues with mice. The HOA is working on painting and repairing siding on the houses. The painters have were repairing some of my unit’s…

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Gaming stuff: DnD and Warhammer ?>

Gaming stuff: DnD and Warhammer

Gizmodo has an article on how Wizards of the Coast is working with a company called AltspaceVR to create an official virtual environment for playing D&D. The setup will use Oculus VR hardware for playing. It looks interesting, although would require a good hardware investment for anyoen wanting to use the system. (Personally, I prefer pen and paper — much cheaper.) One of the comments noted that last Christmas, Wizards laid off a large portion of the D&D team, including…

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Show Experience ?>

Show Experience

Kasane and I have our first dressage show in two weeks at a local venue. We’ve ridden dressage tests before at schooling shows sponsored by our local awesome horse club. This is a schooling show that will not be a test where you know everyone. This is a Show Experience. I used to show a lot when I was younger. We did Arabian breed shows with most of our horses, primarily halter classes since most of the horses we had…

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Warhammer resources for game masters ?>

Warhammer resources for game masters

Even though Fantasy Flight Games have officially stopped developing Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 3rd edition, the players have continued to develop new resources. I recently found a new-to-me site, Daily Empire, a blog about all things Warhammer. The site has links to some fan-developed adventures, GM resources, tools, and more. I found a new 120+ page adventure I might run my Warhammer group through: The Queen of Embers. It is geared towards players who are in the middle of their…

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Position, posture, and riding ?>

Position, posture, and riding

Ever have so many posts in the backlog that you just never get around to catching up? It’s been like that. Many good things (and a few annoying things) going on! Good things first. I’ve made a lot of progress in riding, just in time for horse camp this week. Yay horse camp! There will be blogging from camp if I have internet access. Earlier this year, I started feeling frustrated with my riding. Kasane some times responded to my…

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Plumber fixed the drip ?>

Plumber fixed the drip

The tub is no longer leaking. My neighbor said that the build quality on these houses isn’t very good and I believe him. This was the second time the tub had to be repaired because of a drip. One thing I did learn with these old Delta faucets: the springs have to be elongated just a little bit with a gentle squeeze from a pair of pliers. Otherwise, they are a little too short and don’t seat properly.